Polyamide in Flight: Crafting a Boomerang with BASF PAHT CF15

Polyamide in Flight: Crafting a Boomerang with BASF PAHT CF15



Welcome to our latest deep dive into the world of high-performance 3D printing, where we explore not just the 'what' and 'how' of our creations, but the 'why' behind each decision.


Selecting the champion: BASF PAHT CF15

In our quest for excellence, we chose BASF PAHT CF15, a carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide lauded for its thermal stability and mechanical strength. The decision to use this powerhouse material was clear: we needed a filament that could handle the intricate aerodynamic features of a boomerang while withstanding the forces it would encounter in flight.


The Design Decision: An Unconventional Approach

The design—Asymmetric Vee Hook Boomerang by "lapjoint," accessible on Thingiverse—traditionally takes shape on a horizontal plane. But we asked ourselves, "Could we enhance the aerodynamic profile, the contours and surface smoothness, by shifting our approach?" We found our answer in vertical printing.


Dialing in the Parameters

We took the high-speed profile suggested by BASF and made it our own. Knowing the importance of a strong base, we kept the bed at a cozy 85 degrees Celsius after an initial higher layer temperature, a tweak that promised to cater to our specific design's needs.


The Result: Smooth Sailing Above Expectations

The final result was a thing of beauty. The boomerang stood proudly, its vertical stance defying the common pitfalls of FDM printing. The surface was impeccable, a testament to our calculated decisions.

Afterthoughts: Strength in the Face of Adversity

While the surface finish impressed us, we advocate for further strengthening treatments. Plastic annealing or an epoxy coating could offer additional robustness, compensating for any potential mechanical vulnerabilities that vertical printing may introduce due to layer adhesion patterns and their interaction with impact forces.


Final Thoughts on Print Orientation and Material Choices

Our journey with the BASF PAHT CF15 boomerang illustrates how the direction of your print can influence not only aesthetic qualities but functional ones as well. It underscores the importance of understanding the materials we use and how their properties can be harnessed to serve our creative and functional aspirations in 3D printing.


We welcome your thoughts and experiences with vertical printing and material-specific challenges. Together, let's continue to explore and share the vast capabilities of 3D printing technology.

Visit thingiverse.com to download Asymmetric Vee Hook Boomerang designed by lapjoint

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