What is Filasophia?

What is Filasophia?



What is Filasophia?


 Filasophia is an ultimate matchmaker brand that makes the connection between your print and build plate, and ultimate adhesive. If you combine this adhesive material with the special nickel coating Filasophia build plate, you can have the great love story throughout the printing process. Filasophia’s build plate has many different upsides like it would prevent the corrosion and rust to build up on a plate. At the same time, its material is super resistant to impacts and scratches. Filasophia’s adhesive product is produced from citrus, specifically containing D-limonene, to provide a natural and more human-friendly solution than other solvents.




Why Should I Use It?


 The last step of removing the print from a build plate can be a hard process, same as trying to separate two lovers. Filasophia adhesive, build plate, and removing spray make 3D printing a very smooth process for any products with any materials, even with PP filaments. No one wants to have a heartbroken print or a crooked build plate. To have a great last dance of 3D Printing, Filasophia will make the floor ready for you. Now you can rock the sticky printing business!



How Should I Use It ?


Filasophia adhesive gets along with metal and glass layers but not with plastic layers. So be careful what you use for your build plate. We strongly recommend the best dance floor for the performance, which is Filasophia build plate.

Take your build plate and make sure it is particle-free, clean, and dry. Once you make sure it is good to go, you can layer the build plate with the adhesive material. You can think about layering a cake with a thin layer of a cream.

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